WARP Technopolis cherishes creatives, ignites future shapers, empowers pioneering geeks and exposes hidden artists

Welcome to another dimension. WARP Technopolis is the breeding ground for creative technology in the heart of Enschede, The Netherlands. Artists, geeks, entrepreneurs, students, scientist and upcoming talents are shaping the future.


WARP Technopolis offers a wide range of programs and events with festivals, workshops, coaches, projects, expo's, films, gaming, music and performances. Join the movement.


3.000 square meters of creative possibilities, bars, theatres, co-working spaces, labs and open minded creatives.


Experts on techno music, VJ, drones, robotics, coding, gaming, fashion and startups love to meet you and help you grow.


Crossovers for co-creation with our partners, artists and entrepreneurs. Join our battles, creative jams and challenges.


In our Labs and open workspace you discover, experiment and rethink

technology and social themes.


Bright ideas, great failures and promising experiments are exhibited and nurtured in publications, events and new businesses.


Celebrating creativity is our root. Every workshop, moment, move, experience or  dance night is juiced with pleasure.